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Manage Stress! DBT group starts Fall 2013

There's never been a better time to Manage Stress! Mini 6-week DBT Series beginning FALL 2013  at Prepare to Change in Tustin, California. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) workshop is a powerful alternative to individual counseling.   Individuals can postpone or minimize their current therapy while attending DBT classes.   Register now and receive a FREE counseling... Continue reading

Anger Management: 3 Major Sources of Irritation or Anger

Can you magically transform your irritations for anger management?   Many of our attitudes and actions are influenced more than we realize by that which irritate us. Therefore, it is extremely important that we identify and “transform” every source of irritation. 3 Major Sources of Irritation: 1. PEOPLE :   The personality traits idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies of others... Continue reading

VIDEO: Bringing Life into Balance

Bringing Life Into Balance! See Short Video Here! Emotions Matter!   An informational video for help in indentfying thoughts and habits that interfere with your ability to understand yourself, connect to others, and manage your emotions. The "Tool Kit" referred to in the video can be found at: ... Continue reading