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DBT Classes with Counseling

DBT Classes with Counseling There's never been a better time to manage your stress! DBT Classes with Counseling are happening now. Mini 6-week series group beginning June 17, 2013.    Understand  Emotions, Thoughts & B ehavior Overcome Obstacles Clarify Values Realize Goals & Potentials Develop Plans more Effectively Dialectical... Continue reading

Manage Stress! DBT group starts Fall 2013

There's never been a better time to Manage Stress! Mini 6-week DBT Series beginning FALL 2013  at Prepare to Change in Tustin, California. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) workshop is a powerful alternative to individual counseling.   Individuals can postpone or minimize their current therapy while attending DBT classes.   Register now and receive a FREE counseling... Continue reading

Resolving Couple Conflict

 10 STEPS FOR RESOLVING COUPLE CONFLICT “ Don’t find fault, find a remedy .”  Henry Ford The following 10-step approac h can be used when there are ongoing issues without a healthy resolution. This exercise may boost your success in ending issues that resist resolution. You must take your time to work on all the steps.  Learn one step at a time.  Each step is built onto... Continue reading

Is Your Brain Ready for Change?

Discover ways to increase your Readiness for Change.  Because emotions impair or enhance thinking, memory, creativity, and strategic perspective, we can prepare our brain to a readiness for change by: Improving exercise, eating, and sleeping habits Practicing mental agility Taking "brain breaks" to reboot Summoning positive thoughts during times of stress Click... Continue reading