Efficacy of Mindfulness-Based Therapy

Mindfulness-based therapy has become a popular treatment, but until recently, little is known about its efficacy. A recent study conducte an effect size analysis of this popular intervention for anxiety and mood symptoms in clinical samples. The study's meta-analysis was based on 39 studies totaling 1,140 participants receiving mindfulness-based therapy for a range of conditions, including... Continue reading

Youth Treatment Outcomes

A recent study compared symptom change trajectories and treatment outcome categories in children and adolescents receiving routine outpatient mental health services in a public community mental health system and a private managed care organization.  Although initial symptom level was comparable across the 2 settings, the rate of change was significantly steeper for cases in the managed care... Continue reading

Acculturation Stress

Migrant status (migrant, nonmigrant) and sex (female, male) differences were recently examined in a sample of 168 college students of Mexican heritage on measures of college stress, acculturative stress, depression, anxiety, and academic achievement. Migrant farmwork students reported higher levels of acculturative stress than nonmigrants, and men reported higher levels of acculturative stress... Continue reading

Women Dream More

Recently, a large meta-analysis showed that women tend to recall their dreams more often than men. Despite this robust finding, studies focused on explaining the gender difference in dream recall frequency are scarce. The present findings of an online survey indicate that sex role orientation—expressivity/femininity—was related to dream recall frequency but did not fully explain the gender... Continue reading

Alzheimers Update – Podcast

APA PsycEXTRA Alzheimers Podcast   - A summary of recent research on Alzheimers. Continue reading

Drunk Driving - Podcast

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Teen Driving – Podcast

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Autism Update – Podcast

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Insomnia – Podcast

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The Importance of Play – Podcast

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