DBT Classes with Counseling

DBT Classes with Counseling There's never been a better time to manage your stress! DBT Classes with Counseling are happening now. Mini 6-week series group beginning June 17, 2013.    Understand  Emotions, Thoughts & B ehavior Overcome Obstacles Clarify Values Realize Goals & Potentials Develop Plans more Effectively Dialectical... Continue reading


Leadership is usually defined in terms of a person’s status in an organization. If a person has a title, he/she must have leadership skills. Right? Wrong. Leadership Emergence - The degree to which an individual is viewed as a leader by others.   People typically advance in organizations by pleasing their bosses with displays of loyalty and technical... Continue reading

The Change Blog

Whether you're an individual or represent an organization, this Blog has a variety of articles and information that will help you stay on top of issues impacting change, growth, and transformation. Tap into our resources and share what’s on your mind. Continue reading

VIDEO: Bringing Life into Balance

Bringing Life Into Balance! See Short Video Here! Emotions Matter!   An informational video for help in indentfying thoughts and habits that interfere with your ability to understand yourself, connect to others, and manage your emotions. The "Tool Kit" referred to in the video can be found at: ... Continue reading

Resolving Couple Conflict

 10 STEPS FOR RESOLVING COUPLE CONFLICT “ Don’t find fault, find a remedy .”  Henry Ford The following 10-step approac h can be used when there are ongoing issues without a healthy resolution. This exercise may boost your success in ending issues that resist resolution. You must take your time to work on all the steps.  Learn one step at a time.  Each step is built onto... Continue reading

Anger Management: 3 Major Sources of Irritation or Anger

Can you magically transform your irritations for anger management?   Many of our attitudes and actions are influenced more than we realize by that which irritate us. Therefore, it is extremely important that we identify and “transform” every source of irritation. 3 Major Sources of Irritation: 1. PEOPLE :   The personality traits idiosyncrasies and inconsistencies of others... Continue reading

DBT Skills teach us .... "The main thing is keeping the main thing the main thing!"

In DBT   Skills class this week, Dr. Larry Kuhn talked about Distress Tolerance  skills. We went over a bunch of material!  These skills are  short-term  strategies to keep you from making a situation more difficult or acting ineffectively.  If acceptance is not possible within a certain situation, the Distress Tolerance behaviors are concerned with tolerating and surviving crises... Continue reading

Is Your Brain Ready for Change?

Discover ways to increase your Readiness for Change.  Because emotions impair or enhance thinking, memory, creativity, and strategic perspective, we can prepare our brain to a readiness for change by: Improving exercise, eating, and sleeping habits Practicing mental agility Taking "brain breaks" to reboot Summoning positive thoughts during times of stress Click... Continue reading

Find a Job You Will Love!

The upshot to find a job you will love: Forget about salary, perks, titles and status.  Choose your next job based on one, single consideration: Will it make you happy? Will it make you go “Yes, it’s Monday, I get to work!” According to statistics, around 15% of the population switch jobs annually. At any given time, over half of the workforce are more or less actively looking for... Continue reading

Family Stress During Childhood Linked to Female Anxiety

Family Stress During Childhood Linked to Female Anxiety According to a study by the University of Wisconsin-Madison, babies who lived with stressed mothers were more likely to grow into preschoolers with higher levels of cortisol. Although not true for boys, girls with higher cortisol levels showed less communication between brain areas associated with emotions regulation 14 years later.... Continue reading