Career Plans are Worthless, But Planning is Everything

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New DBT Series Beginning In March 2014!

With a full DBT Series beginning in March, there’s never been a better time to manage stress! Prepare to Change counselors are trained facilitators of the Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) program, which provides tools to overcome obstacles and realize goals and potentials. DBT is a powerful alternative to individual counseling.   [caption id="attachment_1824" align="alignleft"... Continue reading

Managing Holiday Gift Expectations

Managing Holiday Gift Expectations Prior to holiday gift giving, parents can have conversations with their children about the meaning of the holiday. Regardless of religious beliefs, parents can focus on the values and traditions of the holiday. For example, families may focus on spending quality time together as part of the holiday tradition. If your family values giving to others,... Continue reading

Improve Workplace Culture with Health & Wellness Programs

Employees become much more motivated and productive when they know that their employer cares about their total quality of life, which goes beyond traditional wellness and includes physical, emotional, financial and social health. Every year the APA’s Psychologically Healthy Workplace Award highlights organizations that are putting more emphasis on the bigger picture of employee... Continue reading

Having It All - Women & Stress

Kids, career, friends, family, and loads of stress: how women’s collective work-life fatigue is holding them back. A recent CDC study , found that 16 percent of women ages 18 to 44 reported feeling “very tired,” “exhausted,” or otherwise worn out most days, compared with 9 percent of men in the same age range. Is it because women are taking on more than their share? Or because they... Continue reading

Existing and Potential Customers

Evaluate Your Potential Customers Before you launch a new product, you need to have an idea of how many people will buy it. There are two ways to do this. If you're already selling products, it's often easiest to start by looking at your existing customers.  Then build up your forecast from there. Think about other people who are similar to your current customers, including those in... Continue reading

Help for Parenting Power Struggle

Practical Ways to Stay out of the Parenting Power Struggle Book Review By : Esther Kim-Almeida, MA. of Raising Children You Can Live With: A Guide for Frustrated Parents I love that the opening chapter in this book quotes Socrates from 390 BC as saying “Children today are tyrants.” Not only did it give me a laugh, but reassured me that the challenging task of raising kids has been... Continue reading

Why are you so grumpy?

Why are you so grumpy? Grumpy old men  and women may live longer,  according to research from the University of Erlangen–Nuremburg in Germany.   Scientists examined data on current and expected future life satisfaction collected over 10 years from 40,000 people. They found that people who have low expectations for their future happiness experience less disability and die... Continue reading

Parenting Tips learned from Children the Challenge

Parenting Tips learned from Children the Challenge by Rudolf Dreikurs By Laura Bruce, Marriage and Family Therapy Intern at Prepare to Change Children the Challenge is an easy to follow reference guide for parents who seek to build trust and love in their families. It teaches parents how to cope with common childhood problems that occur from toddler through preteen years. One of... Continue reading

Manage Stress! DBT group starts Fall 2013

There's never been a better time to Manage Stress! Mini 6-week DBT Series beginning FALL 2013  at Prepare to Change in Tustin, California. Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) workshop is a powerful alternative to individual counseling.   Individuals can postpone or minimize their current therapy while attending DBT classes.   Register now and receive a FREE counseling... Continue reading