Inspiring Transformation through Assessment & Consultation

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Inspiring Transformation through
Assessment & Consultation

by enhancing capacities of individuals and systems

Prepare to Change™ is a best-in-class consulting firm for organizations seeking to implement new capacities that increase employee satisfaction and overall productivity.

Aligning Talent with Business Needs

leads to stimulated productivity, increased retention and lower costs.

Prepare to Hire™ is your most reliable and predictable solution to know how job applicants will perform in your organization – BEFORE you select them.

Creating a Collaborative Team

leverages new potential and effectiveness and increases bench strength.

Prepare to Lead™ gives your leaders the tools that are needed to improve your culture, work processes and bottom line.

Empowering Organizational Performance

facilitates change, promotes growth, and energizes individual and team performance.

Prepare to Engage™ promotes employee, team and organizational productivity and well-being through qualitative assessment and change management interventions.

Inspiring Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Change

We help clients implement strategic change, break through resistance, and increase influence. With the belief that change comes from within, we focus on motives and values as well as skills and techniques. Our unique portfolio of services is backed by behavioral science insight, and a combination of leadership expertise, systems theory knowledge, and technology.

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