Consulting & assessment Psychologists, COUNSELORs & Associates

Our Consulting Psychologists and Organizational Development Professionals are a friendly, responsive team of respected professionals, each with a deep understanding of human behavior, interactional processes, and system dynamics.  

Each of our Counseling Professionals have a therapeutic style that is interactive, direct, and solution-focused. We meet with clients at our offices in Tustin, California and Northwest Fort Wayne, Indiana; or via web-based technology. 

Dr. Larry Kuhn, psyd, hspp
President | Licensed Psychologist
Dr. Marv Erisman
Senior Associate
Dr. james tobin
Dr. Shaylee Perez
Dr. Kaneeza Lafir, psyd, psyd
Clinical Training Director
Alexandra BELOSIC, McrcBusiness Development Liaison
DR. Daniel HAUSCHILDAssociate
Denise Kuhn, Ba
Administrator | Career Strategist
Dr. Timothy K. Yen, psyd
Associate Consultant
Dr. Andy Garrett, psydAssociate Consultant
Dr. Nicole Cooper Lopez
Assessment Consultant
Donna Savage, MaAssociate
Dr. Hayley Pedersen, psydTherapist & Consultant
Thomas Quick
Emily Winslow, Ms
Dr. Sally Chung, psydAssessment Consultant
Joe Clemens, MA, LMFT
Dr. Kaneeza Lafir, PsyD, PSYD
Clinical Training Director
DR. Kelly Granger, PSYDClinical Psychologist
DR. Amanda ZINTSMASTER, PSYDClinical Psychologist
Dustin Shultz, LMFT
Licensed Therapist & Affiliate
marcia pecora, ma, mftCounseling Intern