About us


  • in pursuit of a true partner recognized for an ability to provide positive change.
  • focused on reaching beyond the surface to impact motivation, purpose, and results.
  • on a quest to achieve greater effectiveness.
  • in need of new strategies to create fundamental shifts.
  • looking to develop and deliver targeted processes, programs or solutions.
  • Assessment for Employee and Organizational Results
  • Coaching & Leadership Development
  • Team Building & Conflict Resolution
  • Change Management Solutions


Our Approach

If anything is certain, it is CHANGE

With the belief that change comes from within, we focus on motives and values as well as skills and techniques. Our unique portfolio of services is backed by behavioral science insight, and a combination of leadership expertise, systems theory knowledge, and technology.


Prepare to Change facilitates change and promotes growth through personal and leadership transformation. What makes us unique is our integrative systems approach that energizes and transforms individual, team and organizational performance.

The Stages of Change

Our approach was initially energized with The Stages of Change – also known as The Transtheoretical Model (TTM) – which simply is a process involving progress through the following series of stages.

Prepare to change

We are just as interested in how we achieve results as we are in the results themselves. In addition, each member of our team strives to cultivate a positive and meaningful difference with those we serve.

Mission Statement

Prepare to Change TM exists to promote organizational growth and excellence by enhancing capacities of individuals and systems. We seek to engage and inspire values-driven leadership cultures through transformational talent management consulting, assessment, strength-based coaching, and training, bringing the benefits of psychological theory and relevant research to leader optimal decision-making and functioning.

Our Vision

To become a nationally recognized leader in transformational systemic consulting