Employee Selection

Remove Subjectivity with Job Specific Assessments

Employers increasingly want qualified employees who can fit and commit within the organization. Useful at all levels, our online portal simplifies your hiring process with a personalized dashboard where you can request any combination of assessments, interview questions, reference audit options, skills tests, and 360 performance surveys.

  • Access competency model-based job descriptions;
  • Assign tests to candidates;
  • Capture automatic references;
  • Collect electronic interview ratings;
  • Monitor testing progress; 
  • Choose comparitive graphs;
  • Receive objective alignment analysis; and
  • Use results for future OnBoarding & Performance Evaluations.

The Targeted Hiring Approach

We include a competency-based assessment approach to better support your recruitment and selection processes. Competencies provide the framework for identifying and evaluating candidates and making job-related, reliable and valid selection and hiring decisions.

What is a competency ?

Observable abilities, skills, knowledge, motivations or traits defined in terms of the behaviors needed for successful job performance.

What are the key benefits ?
  • Represent valid, fair and job-related standards
  • Serve as foundation for well-designed hiring processes
  • Provide explicit, clear and transparent criteria
  • Communicate behaviors employees must display for success in the role/job
  • Provide standards for correlating results with on-the-job performance

Three Services. One Comprehensive System.

Our online platform features a competency-based assessment approach to better support your recruitment and selection processes, enabling you to identify and evaluate candidates and make job-related, reliable, and valid selection and hiring decisions.