At the root of any successful company is a culture of positive, effective human interactions. Give your employees the tools they need to be successful leaders using our proprietary Leadership, Performance, Culture, and Customer Satisfaction Surveys.

Improve Employee Satisfaction

360 Survey Process

The 360 process can be a motivator of performance and reduce turnover since it shows the employee that their opinions and views are considered important. We offer online 360 evaluations designed to

  • online ordering and administration
  • electronic participant intake
  • online and proctored testing
  • video and in-person feedback
  • psychologist interpreted report

Paving the way to success

Our reporting solutions are "uncanned" and provide individualised diagnostic results. Best of all, test takers have the opportunity to learn something about themselves to promote personal growth and wellness.

Understand Your Current Culture

When conducting an organizational culture assessment to define the core culture of your organization, your objective is to find those few values that capture the distinctive character of the company.

Supporting the Organization's Mission and Strategy

Our Psychologists have proven strategies for developing and administering online culture surveys designed to help leaders gain a deeper understanding of their existing culture. Specifically, our culture assessments measure variables that identify goals for strategic growth, performance goals, preferences, and other critical factors.

With this information, organization's leaders can understand the elements of their culture and develop solutions to close the gaps between expectation and reality.

Your Invitation for Organizational Improvement

Each client situation is unique, which is why we avoid off-the-shelf surveys. Instead, we use a customized approach to address your particular needs:

  • Phase One – Discover and assess your needs
  • Phase Two – Report results and recommendations
  • Phase Three – Create an action plan based on results
  • Phase Four – Guide your improvement efforts